Training Services
I am proud to offer the following services:
  • Puppy Foundation Program- $375
    This program is great for new puppy owners who need help raising the perfect puppy under 6 months of age. We will teach you, as the owner, how to best interact with your puppy in order to decrease unwanted behaviors that cause stress in the home. Alongside our trainer, you will gain hands on experience with training your puppy. This program includes a 2 hour consultation plus a follow-up training session.
  • Behavioral Program- $750
    This program is for the typical bad behavior issues that owners deal with on a daily basis. Is your dog jumping, pulling on leash, not coming when called, or darting out the door? We will teach you how to eliminate these unwanted behaviors, and develop desired behaviors for an improved relationship with your dog. With this program, we will address all issues you are having and talk about the goals you would like to achieve during the first 2 hour training session. Also included are 2 follow-up sessions. (No aggression issues)
  • Day Training- 3 Day Package $400/ 5 Day Package $625
    Day training packages allow you to leave all the hard work to us during our business hours, while still having the joy of your dog at home during the night and on weekends. This is for basic obedience only, and is tailored to your goals for your dog. (No aggression issues)
  • Board & Train Puppy Program- 4 week program $2200
    This program is designed specifically for puppies under 4 months of age. We will focus primarily on the foundation of raising a puppy through confidence building, socialization, desensitization, and basic obedience.
  • Board & Train- 3 week program, Prices may vary depending on goals
    This program is for those owners who need more help with basic obedience or behavior issues. We may require an evaluation before beginning the board and train.

All services are by appointment only.

I look forward to training with you and your dog. Contact us to start making a change today!